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The background is shiny and the floor is purple. Luisa is resting on a huge disco ball.

Luisa is 174 cm tall and with that, there's enough of her to go around. Luisa inherited her mother's hips and her father's nose. Luisa was born the 27th of September 1993, the year Pablo Escobar died and the Colombian Soccer League beat Argentina with an astounding 5-0. Her cinnamon color she inherited from the sun, the same sun that seeps through the curtains while a martial band plays on Saturday morning. Her eyes are constantly moving, searching for small details of life that make her days a little nicer. Like a child's dirty face or that pendant that hangs from the rearview mirror on the bus. Luisa is a creative mind that hopes to create a better world from her craft and she swears she lived back in the 70's.

Luisa Bojacá, 27. Creative.

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