Since 1976, Crime Stoppers has shown unwavering dedication in protecting the identity of its tipsters. But, in a world increasingly filled with fear about privacy protection, Anonymity is still a huge barrier for Crime Stoppers. In fact, the number 1 Google search question relating to Crime Stoppers is, “Is Crime Stoppers really anonymous?” So rather than ‘tell’ people to trust that their identity will never be revealed, we needed to ‘show’ them the steps Crime Stoppers takes to protect their identity. A tipster’s name never once appears in the Crime Stoppers system. Instead, each tipster is a completely randomized number with no connection whatsoever to their true identity. This insight became the basis of our ‘Always a Number’ campaign. Applied Arts winner 2020 ‘Craft Art Direction & Illustration' for Target Marketing & Communications  (Art Director: Jason Hill, Designer: Luisa Bojaca)